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Damson Gin Recipe

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Damson Gin Recipe Empty Damson Gin Recipe

Post  Errata on Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:04 am

You need:

A clean bottle with a wide enough opening for the fruit to plop into – I use a Gordon's plastic export bottle which is fine

Damsons, washed and selected as good ones


Enough gin/brandy to fill up the bottle, about a third should be enough

What to do:

Plop the damsons into the bottle so that 2/3 is full

Fill to the top of the bottle with granulated sugar

Add your favourite spirit to the top of the bottle – might take 1/3rd of a bottle


Give a good shake and place in a dark cupboard /wine rack

Turn and shake the bottle until the sugar has dissolved

Leave for as long as you can (3 months??)

Decant the spirit for a winter warmer

Use the rich alcoholic damsons as a pudding, with cream, or as a cheesecake topper, and don't drive afterwards!

This time of year I freeze quite a few damsons and make this up when I have the time later, no need to even defrost the damsons!

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